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Competition Profile: FRANÇAISE DES JEUX 2006

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Société de Gestion de L'Echappée
Site de Moussy
Tel: (+33)
Fax: (+33)
MADIOT Marc (Manager / Team Manager)
BRICAUD Thierry (Ass. Team Manager)
GAYANT Martial (Ass. Team Manager)
MADIOT Yvon (Ass. Team Manager)
PINEAU Frank (Ass. Team Manager)
Française des Jeux won’t look back to the year 2005 with fond memories. At the end, they found themselves back in 20th place in the UCI ProTour charts. Nothing to be proud of, but this team still had, and still has a good riders’ selection. Somehow the pieces of the puzzle didn’t fall into place and teammanager Marc Madiot must have scratched his head many times on what to do.
So much potential, but when you realise

Cooke, a major force in sprinting, didn’t get a win for 1.5 years in Europe, it does make you wonder...

Clearly Cooke wasn’t having a good time anymore and left to the ...

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